blaQ GDOv2-Q with Chamberlain RJO20C wall mounted door with GREY learn button

First time user, just trying to make sure I don’t break my GDO trying to install it. In Canada.

I haven’t ever seen a grey learn button (which mine has) discussed on the GDO products, but I ordered the blaQ as mine clearly has myQ built into it. Front and back pics of the control panel below:

I wasn’t expecting the install instructions to just have me wire it up to the door opener, since I’m well aware the door opener is just a remote control device that sends wireless signals to the motor unit and doesn’t use the old dry contact system (otherwise I’d have hooked up my old Z-wave Go Linear ones). The red and white wires to my control panel are just a 12v signal and ground to power the remote. Is that how all of these products are working right now? Obviously the same coloured leads on the motor will be the same. Am I going to damage the blaQ by hooking it up to this DC power signal if it’s expecting a “wall button” contact? Or do I just forge ahead and the unit automagically deciphers the myQ wireless learn signals at some point during setup?

I probably need a lesson on how this unit is supposed to work, I was just surprised to see connection instructions very similar to the old linear dry contact z-wave controller that I know won’t work with myQ, and I don’t want to fry it first thing.

Thanks for any advice.
I asked the same question in an email to tech support.

@user130 - That appears to be the same wall panel that I noted in Issue thread (GDO blaq): Chamberlain RJO20 / LiftMaster 8500 / square yellow button - Konnected Garage Door Opener - Konnected Community

Hi @user130,

This isn’t the learn button we’re referring to. The learn button is on the back of the opener motor (near the wiring terminals) and is square yellow on this model. It’s kinda a weird hybrid of Security+ and Security+ 2.0, but it works. There’s a thread more specifically for this model/variant here: Issue thread (GDO blaq): Chamberlain RJO20 / LiftMaster 8500 / square yellow button

The wall button console is not a wireless remote control. It communicates with the garage opener over a serial data connection over the red and white wires (which also provide 12V DC power). The konnected device taps into this circuit and communicates to the garage opener on the circuit in the same way. It’s almost like magic, yes!

Thanks very much! That clears up a lot. Looking forward to trying it out.