Issue thread (GDO blaq): Chamberlain HD930EV / Round Yellow Button

Starting a new thread as conditions are a slight different than the others. Overhead model is Chamberlain HD930EV with a round yellow button and wall control is Chamberlain 41A7305-1; each with an April 2014 stamp. Konnected indicates Security+ 2.0 and firmware Blaq was wired as described in setup instructions “Option 1 near door motor” where wires for blaq inserted to terminals along with wall control and “Optional pass through” where wall control to blaq then blaq to the motor. Results were the same for each configuration. Power was cut to all devices during install.

Issue: Door control does not work when blaq is part of the configuration. The door control continually restarts (flashes off and on) and displays “Press the push bar to activate control. See user manual”. Sometimes the door will respond to button pushes after a couple of presses but restarts and repeats the cycle. It seems similar to a reply by @nate indicating the wall control goes offline when more than one device is on the circuit, but that was a different opener (Security+ 1.0 888LM).
I’ve removed blaq for the time being and wall control operates fine.

Wall control looks like this:


What are you using to control the opener?
I have the same remote and yellow button and got two doors working via SmartThings.

They have issues though and both just went offline inside Konnected app, even though they still “work” in HomeKit and SmartThings.

One note: I found it very difficult to get both wires in the terminal and remain connected. I stripped the wire included with BlaQ further back and this helped but it took a lot of trial and error to get both with a solid contact. You may want to verify the wire to the remote has a solid connection.

This is likely an issue with your wall button and it would need to be replaced to fix the issue. Please check the manufacture date of your wall button by removing it from the wall and check the date stamp on the back. Button consoles made in 2016 and older have a power issue that was resolved by Chamberlain in 2017 and newer. The simple fix is to replace the wall button with a newer one of the same or similar model. These can be found online for usually around $50~60.

There’s another thread about this problem here: GDO blaQ - sometimes garage door will not move when commanded - #85 by scelfo

I still need to write a support/KB article about this to concisely summarize the issue.

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I noticed the recommended stripped wire length is longer than what came with the black. I followed suggestion by @greg9 and stripped a bit more off and hoped it would give a better connection, but issue persisted.

@nate - Chamberlain wall control/button 41A7305-1 was manufactured in 2014 so that is most likely the issue. I’ll look for a more recently produced one and see if that provides the fix.