Category Topics

Konnected Alarm Panels

Create topics here about our flagship Konnected Alarm Panels.

Konnected Garage Door Opener

Create topics here about our latest addition to the family, the Konnected Garage Door Opener.

Smart Home Integrations

Inspire others to maximize Konnected’s potential with each platform. Discuss any integration-related topics.

3rd-Party Sensors & Devices

Konnected integrates seamlessly with various third-party sensors and devices. Leverage this category for discussing contact, motion, glass break, and other sensors and devices.

Konnected App

Discussion about using the Konnected App.

Feature Requests

Customers can voice their ideas here. We have introduced a voting feature into this category. If you see a feature request you think is good, please vote for it. Konnected will review feature requests often and consider top-voted feature requests in our development roadmap.