Will the new GDO blaQ work for me?

Hi there,

I have the yellow learn button, but I also have this big ugly green “thing” blocking my port 1, and 4 and 5 ports are joined as well with a black cable. I couldnt find any wiring diagrams for the blaQ so posting here in the hope someone can help.

  1. Is it safe to remove the green plug thing?
  2. Will I need ports 4 and 5 for blaQ to work?

This might be a difficult question for the Konnected team to answer as being US based, they’re likely mostly working with Chamberlain/Liftmaster products.

That said, I looked over your the specs for your door opener and it seems to me that it should be able to work. https://garagedooropenerremotes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/MT60EVO-PowerAce-manual-114D4643G.pdf

Ports 1 and 2 are intended to be used for dry contact wired door openers. No security, it’s just a momentary button that closes the circuit. With newer Chamberlain doors, there isn’t a dry contact input, but rather it’s just power supplied to a button that then communicates with the door wirelessly. They call it “extra security” when in actuality it’s just a bad excuse to make their products less third-party friendly.

Now in your case, I’m like you and have no idea what that green plug actually is or what it’s accomplishing. My gut is telling me it’s some sort of short range wireless adaptor to allow you to bind a wireless opener to the wired contacts. But no idea why that would be necessary unless it’s a universal way of getting around door code patterns you don’t have. My recommendation would be to reach out to a professional garage door installer and see what they are able to tel you.

Ports 4 and 5 are much easier. The install guide for your model didn’t clarify, but I found another that did. These sensor inputs are meant for garage doors that have pedestrian doors integrated in them. It’s a means to keep the garage door from opening if the pedestrian door is open. I’ll assume most times there won’t be a “door-in-door” and so that jumper is there to bypass that safety check.

Realistically, all you should need for this to work is to connect it to ports 1 and 2, which you might be able to do in parallel with the green plug. Everything else you might be connecting would be to the BlaQ module itself. If you’re using the built-in laser sensor, all you need to do is mount the unit an and calibrate the sensor. If you’re using dry-contact sensors, you’ll wire those into the BlaQ, and there will be a bit of extra setup needed to use those as the default door status sensor.

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Dude, this was far and beyond a better response than I expected.

Thank you, I just placed my order. You are the man!

Hard to know for sure but I sure would like to find out. Merlin is a Chamberlain group brand sold in Australia, so it does seem likely that it would implement Security+ technology. Also the yellow round learn button looks the same.

Thank you @panamasaylor for posting the manual. From the looks of that, the serial connection is over Port #1

Hi, got my GDO Blaq this week and have a rainy weekend to install.

Got it all connected and sending the close command but door not moving. Blaq is flashing lights and playing sound but then nothing. This error(?) in the logs isnt filling me with confidence.

Security Plus protocol set to auto.

Any ideas?

Here is how it is connected in case this is the reason

Fun times, I just tried the restart button on the GDO blaQ webpage and the door went down. Pressed restart again and the door went up.
Pressing the up and down button still not working. Hopefully this means something to someone :S

We are aware of the issue and are working on an update for differences in the Australia opener protocol. Please standby.

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