GDO blaQ & Genie GCG350ML

I got all excited & bought the GDO blaQ to make my garage door opener smart, but I am now questioning compatibility. looks like maybe the blaQ is specifically for Liftmaster/Chamberlin. Do I need to get a different Konnected product to work with Genie, or a different firmware?

My Garage door opener is a Genie GCG350ML.


The GDO blaQ is only for Chamberlain and Liftmaster brands (with Security+ technology). For Genie openers, you need the GDO White.

We have a handy product quiz on the website that will help guide you to the correct product for your needs (click the button in the top banner): Shop Now – Konnected

Thanks for the fast reply!

I have picked up the GDO White now. I want to use my garage door’s built in door sensors, but not sure how to wire it. I attached a picture of the garage door opener wiring layout, which terminals do I hook up the door sensor wires too? I have attached the top 2 terminals to the button (IN) terminals on the GDO White.