One big issue, one small issue with GDO (white)

I got the unit installed and stable. The only cables attached are the door sensors which I doubled up with the existing sensors. I did not change the wired connectors cable and I have verified that they’re still attached and good.

Two issues:

  1. The garage door opens fine, but will not close and keeps saying that the door is already closed. I tried adjusting the Sensor calibration, but the value does not make a difference. Door will not close with GDO. It will close with the wired button.

|07:11:59|[D]|[vl53l0x:304]|‘Sensor distance’ - Distance is out of range, please move the target closer|
|07:12:02|[D]|[vl53l0x:310]|‘Sensor distance’ - Got distance 1.590 m|
|07:12:04|[D]|[vl53l0x:310]|‘Sensor distance’ - Got distance 1.593 m|

EDIT: just to show:

07:17:32 [D] [number:012] ‘Sensor calibration’: Sending state 2.000000
07:17:35 [D] [vl53l0x:304] ‘Sensor distance’ - Distance is out of range, please move the target closer
07:17:37 [D] [vl53l0x:310] ‘Sensor distance’ - Got distance 1.595 m
07:17:40 [D] [vl53l0x:310]
  1. The Genie unit has a built-in light and my wall switch has two buttons. One to open/close the door and the other to turn on/off the small light. The light does come on and stays on for 2 minutes after the door is operated normally but I can override it with the light button to turn on or off. With the GDO installed, the light button no longer works.

The optical sensor is not calibrated correctly. The device needs to think that the garage door is open otherwise it will refuse to trigger a close.

It’s very unlikely that 2m is the correct calibration value (unless you have 20ft ceilings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

The calibration value must match the sensor distance reading when the door is open. Open the garage door, then set the calibration value to the sensor distance reading either manually or by calling the calibrate_open_garage service via Home Assistant.

After doing so, the garage door state should show as OPEN and it will then respond to close commands.

Regarding the light button – the GDO white should not affect the existing button. Please post a pic of wiring.

Anyway to disable the sensor check? I really don’t care about the status of the door. I have external door sensors that I use to see if the door is open or closed already right on the tracks.

Left two screws are the hardwire buttons. The right two are the door sensors.

Model H6000 - Legacy Screw Drive Series

The wires are attached to the middle two on the GDO [ door ].

You can use your existing wired door sensors with the GDO White and disable the optical sensor detection. Wire the door sensor terminals to the INPUT terminals on the GDO White, then in the Konnected app > Settings > Detection method, set it to wired sensor only, save and apply the firmware update.

The wall button terminals should be wired to the terminals marked DOOR on the GDO White.

Clean up your wiring to ensure there’s no unintentional contact. Looks like a lot of frayed copper in the pic.