Need some setup help please

Hey everyone,

I bought a garage opener and am having some issues getting it working correctly. I think it is an old one since it came with a Netgear power adapter.

I am pretty new at this stuff so I’m sure there are some easy things I am missing.

I flashed ESP@Home on it after many many attempts and mounted it on the ceiling. However I’m having some issues

The device’s GUI always says closed. Home Assistant always says opened… In the log, if the garage door is closed the optical sensor says it can’t get a reading because it is out of range. Which of course this makes sense. When it is opened, it gives me a distance back. Even though it is seeing this from the optical sensor, it is never changing the state. And of course the other issue here is that HomeAssistant says the opposite.

I also noticed that only a wired sensor shows up in HomeAssistant. I do not have a wired sensor. The optical sensor doesn’t show. In the GUI of the device it says garage_door_range_sensor is OFF and doesn’t change. But it can measure a distance so I do not think that is true. It also says the Wired Sensor in on but that doesn’t exist.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.