GDO status always says closed -

Having a issue here. I’m getting a error message when trying to close the garage door. It is claiming the garage is already closed when it is in a open state. When I hit the “down arrow” in the GDO’s web page or via the Home Assistant entity. The “stop” icon will initiate closing the door.

Two things, the garage is always in a “closed” state on the second line of the web page. Then the wired Sensor is in a “off” state when closed, and a “on” state when open. Shouldn’t this be inverted? on for closed and off for open?

Wondering if something is messed up in the yaml config for firmware. Was working since October and broke earlier this week.


I get this in the logs.

13:52:09 [D] [sensor:093] ‘Sensor distance’: Sending state 0.63100 m with 2 decimals of accuracy
13:52:12 [D] [vl53l0x:310] ‘Sensor distance’ - Got distance 0.635 m
13:52:12 [D] [sensor:093] ‘Sensor distance’: Sending state 0.63500 m with 2 decimals of accuracy
13:52:14 [D] [cover:076] ‘Garage Door’ - Setting
13:52:14 [D] [cover:086] Command: CLOSE
13:52:14 [W] [konnected.gdov2-s:039] Garage door is already closed. Ignoring close action.
13:52:14 [D] [cover:170] ‘Garage Door’ - Publishing:
13:52:14 [D] [cover:178] State: CLOSED

Hi Dennis,

I already responded to your tech support email. Your sensor needs to be calibrated to the correct distance between the ceiling and garage door when open. The reason it’s always showing closed is because it’s not calibrated.

See: Calibrate the Optical Laser Sensor in Home Assistant