Trouble with open/closed sensor readings

Hi. I’ve gone through the set up and am having trouble with the status of my doors. They seem to be stuck to read as open on the SmartThings app. They do not change their reading when I open and close the doors. Not sure what I’ve done wrong. Anyone have a similar problem?

Check for end of line resistors at the door sensor. I had similar problems with motion sensors and found resistors in the wiring going into the sensor board after removing the cover.

Thanks, Nick. Sorry for the delay.

I am having a similar problem.  I have about 8 zones (Wire pairs) from the old system.  Only one of those is a motion detector.  Nothing was labeled and the old system had been removed.

I have some pins that show closed and some that show open.  

There were no resistors on the board end of the wires, the sensor end are in the walls so I can't check.

Also I thought the 3 doors in the house would be individual zones but when opening the door and the window next to it, they both trigger the zone.

Sorry, I am kind of new to this.  

You may have to remove the contact sensor from the door frame and pull out the wire until you find the resistor. I had to pull about 6-8 inches before i found the resistor spliced in. This was likely done from the attic during the install so you could always check up tbere for easier access.

For the zones i’d refer to a few of the videos nate has posted here. They are helpful in that area but i did not have any issues with overlapping zones on my install so cant help much.


It appears that I am having similar troubles with my contact sensors. There were no resistors at the panel connections to the board and I removed the contact sensors from the door frame and pulled out the wire until I reached where it spliced the wires going back to the board and found no resistors.

In the smart things app sometimes it will trigger a status change on the sensor when I connect and disconnect the wires from the panel or the sensor but not when I open and close the door. Also, in the smart things app when I navigate to Automation - smartapps - konnected (connect) and select one of my kennected devices and go to device status, under configuration information i can see the sensors change states as I open and close the doors, same for my motion detectors. I just don't get any updates in the "My Home" section when looking at the sensor status.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, any help would be appreciated. 


When my sensors were stuck I checked all my connections and settings. I removed resistors and still no success. What ended up working for me was to remove all wires from my Konnected panel and then deleting all of the zones I’d created. I then added one set of wires back to the panel and added that zone. I tested it by opening and closing the door and it worked. I added another set of wires and added another zone. It worked, so I continued one by one. Not sure why, but this approach worked for me.

Hi David,

Thanks so much for the response. I deleted everything and only added one connect sensor and one motion sensor. I'm still facing the same problem. Any other ideas would be appreciated.


I'm having issues as well but all my sensors are reading as closed... plus my motion sensor activates (the red light comes on when it sense motion), but nothing is showing in Smartthings as active...

Got it working! If youu had previously installed the Konnected software, make sure to update both the device handlers and the app in your profile on the Smartthings website and select "Update from Repo" on both the my apps page and my device handlers page (make sure to tick the "publish" box before updating).  After doing this, go to each sensor in the "My Home" section of the Smartthings app on your phone and select the device.  Once the device comes up, tap the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and this will take you to device properties.  If your device handler and Konnected app are updated, at the bottom of the screen should be a section titled "normal state"  seclect this and change the option to either "normal open" or "normal closed" - choose whichever one works with our sensors... if one doesn't work, try the other.  Good luck!


Thank you for sharing, this worked for me.

I am having close to this problem.

I had electricity go out and now all works find except:

Back door shows open when closed and closed when open. 

I have tried resetting the konnected device in the app. Powering it off/on. Disconnect the sensor. Still the same.

My other zones work as they should.

Any ideas.


I may be having the same issues with my motion sensor that Nick g did. I’ve wired everything up as per Nate’s instructions, my motion sensors have power and are lighting up when motion is sensed but SmartThings/Konnected isn’t being triggered.

My original alarm panel had the motion sensors sitting at 6v and when motion is sensed, this goes up to 12v.

My PIRs are Normally Closed as I have continuity on the PIR when not triggered and continuity breaks when triggered. 0v when not triggered and when motion is sensed rises to 3.8v (is this enough to trigger Konnected?)

I have removed the resistor and rewired the PIR to just the alarm connectors as you’ll see in the photos.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m at a loss.

I have the exact same problem as Terry above.  My house is a new build so should be no issue with resistors on the line. From the app I am able to trigger the alarm on and off so I am connected, its just the PIR sensors will not show motion detection on the app.  Did you find a solution Terry?

Judging by the photos of the Konnected Alarm Panels, these are essentially nothing more than a breakout board for the NodeMCU ESP module, i.e. they are just digital 5V input/outputs - unless anyone can correct me? So unless your PIR sensor outputs work like mechanical  switches, they won't work with this system. This is also why people need to remove the series resistors on the sensor wires to make it work - the purpose of which is for tamper sensing. Because the Konnected is just a simple digital input, you lose the ability to detect tampering. It means anyone can easily bypass your now-weak security system simply by stripping the sensor +/- wires and shorting them together, tricking your smart hub into thinking the sensor is not triggered. 

Hi Peter,

I did find a solution.  Nate was awesome at troubleshooting the issues with me. In a nutshell, the wiring is correct.  In fact, i have 4 motion PIRs, all setup for tamper except the test motion PIR which i pictured (i rewired and removed the tamper as it wasn't working and at the time, i figured that was the issue - in my case, i was wrong). In my setup, the fault lay with my SmartThings hub not updating. As i am not in USA, my github integration didn't work correctly and did not correctly update. my device handlers etc. I had to delete the SMartApps completely and reinstall them manually by copy and paste.

Follow this link:

A good way to check if your Konnected alarm setup is actually working (i.e. not hardware faults, etc) is to observe the NodeMCU module....does the blue light blink when the motion PIRs are tripped? If it does, start looking at ST being the possible culprit. my case I have about 8 zones from the old system.  Only one of those is a motion detector.  Nothing was labeled and the old system had been removed.I have some pins that show closed and some that show open.  There were no resistors on the board end of the wires, the sensor end are in the walls so I can't check. my case I have about 8 zones from the old system.  Only one of those is a motion detector.  Nothing was labeled and the old system had been removed.I have some pins that show closed and some that show open.  There were no resistors on the board end of the wires, the sensor end are in the walls so I can't check.

I am having the same problem as above. The points show up on  my mobile app but do not change status when I open/close the contacts. The alarm/siren works when I toggle it on-off but there is a long delay when I toggle it from on to off...... (wife "WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW")? My assumption is that my issue is with Smart Things not Konnected. 

I did exactly what Rusty Logan suggested and get no results. When I attempt to Refresh the app and device handlers from Update from Repo. button the boxes do not populate with the drivers, etc. as it did the first time I did the install. Is this normal? All three categories, "obsolete", "conflicted", "new" have no entries. I click publish and then execute - the results says updated 0 devices and created 0 devices, 0 published .

I do not see a way to uninstall/ remove/ app and device handlers to start over. I'm stuck - ANY advise will be appreciated. 



I still have this problem also. I never resolved it so I just used ecolink sensors.

Now I have moved on to Hubitat from Smartthings and still have the problem with contact sensors. When I open the door I see the light blink on the Konnected module. But nothing shows on my Hubitat dashboard.