Konnected not updating status of HA binary_sensors

I have just installed Home Assistant v0.7.0 and it successfully discovers my Konnected and pulls through all the binary sensors and switches I've defined in the config. 

I can use Home Assistant to switch the relay (to be connected to the siren) on and off. So Home Assistant is talking correctly to Konnected in regard to switches.

However, when I trigger the motion sensor pins, Home Assistant binary sensors are not updated. I can tell that Konnect is properly detecting the state change on the pins because when I go to: http://[konnect-ip]:23239/ I can see the sensor state change. 

I can not see any obvious problems in the logs. 

Is anyone else having a similar problem?

I think the problem is possibly related to this thread. https://help.konnected.io/support/discussions/topics/32000001193

I use Duckdns and Caddy to provide a url and https.
Given the use of https in that fashion is recommended for HA, is there a workaround or likely imminent fix?

Did you figure out a solution to this? I'm in the same boat. I can connect to the boards, and I know it's working because I can turn on the buzzer with the add-on board. But I'm not seeing any state change with any of my sensors. 

Also, how can you go to http://[konnect-ip]:23239/ to see the states change? Through putty or something?

No longer a problem since the TLS support was added to Konnected. All working well for me now. If you check out the latest documentation it describes how to set the base_url parameter

Thanks for the reply.

Is it no longer a problem in 2.2.1? Or was the problem tied to HASS? I managed to find my IP/port combos for my konnecteds and they're at 2.2.0. Do I need to flash them manually via USB?

When using that page to diagnose whether my sensors are hooked up correctly, am i looking at the "state": "1"/"0" and then refreshing when I open/shut a door? My sensors were never hooked up to an alarm system so I'm not 100% sure they're even hooked up but I'm not seeing that state change.

Thanks for the help, and sorry for being a n00b! I've got most of my other household items hooked up to HASS but just can't get the konnected to show sensor status correctly. (as I said the output pin works hooked up to the buzzer!)

I can't remember for sure. But I think it might have been 2.2.1

If you see the state changes on the Konnected status page then you can be confident the problem is with Konnect talking to HA. Which, might indicate it is the TLS problem they recently solved.

So... good news and bad news. The good news is that I put 2.2.1 on the Konnected and I can see state changes from Home Assistant now.

The bad news is that I've found out that all of my sensors either aren't connected or are not functioning. I have 7x 2-wire sensors that were floating in my house control box. I assumed they were connected to to my doors/windows as I saw the circular features in doors/windows that indicated flush proximity sensors. However when I measure them all with all of my doors closed they're all open circuit.

I'll investigate further with my neighborhood and see if anyone else had issues like this. The house is only 6 years old so I'd be surprised if they're all broken due to normal wear and tear but we'll see.

Thanks for your help!

Colin, it could be that the builders/installers just didn't install the magnets part of the sensor on the doors. This is not too uncommon. They may have left a baggie of the magnet pieces for you near the wiring. If not, pick up some magnets from amazon and superglue and you're all set.

That was precisely it. I can't believe that I missed that!

Thanks for the tip Nate.


 Just got my konnected devices and am having trouble getting Home Assistant to read state changes.

-I have configured my konnected board to connect to my wifi and it is detected in Home Assistant.

-Added zones for 3 door sensors

-Checked for resistors at brinks panel and sensor end, did not find any

-Checked Netgear for device to see that konnected it is on network

-tested konnected board with just 2 wires in a zone

with just the wires I am still not seeing any state changes from open to close for binary sensors.  I unable to go to my [konnected ip]:23239 to see if its working there and having an issue with Home Assistant but the konnected board doesn't have the adjustments for sensitivity and I'm not seeing a blinking light when i connect/disconnect the 2 wires.

Excited to get this working, any help would be greatly appreciated!