Not seeing any sensors show up on my Konnected Pro

 Hi all,

I have a 25 year old alarm system that was on it's last legs. So I ended up ripping it out and replaced it with a Konnected Pro board.

The wiring seemed labeled well enough, mostly door sensors (reed switches I guess). But whatever I do I'm not seeing any sensors show up in the status page on the Konnected app.

I had originally connected all sensors - but now took them out and am trying one by one, one cable to the zone and the other to ground. But nothing shows up in the status page.

Anything obvious I might be missing?

I'm powering using the walwart power module.



 OK - turns out that I had to set up the zones in Konnected Cloud AND in Home Assistant. Now in Home Assistant I can read the state of the door (before setting up the zones in Konnected Cloud the state was "Unknown".

However it seems that my door sensors aren't triggering a state change - when I open or close the door. If I pull one of the two wires from the board I do get a state change in Home Assistant.

These door sensors (I think Reed switches) have always performed fine so I'm sure it's user error.