Door/Window sensors are not reliable

I have a Konnected board and one add-on board with 8 zones set up.  Every zone is just one door or window sensor.  I have removed all the resistors from the old system before hooking up the Konnected boards.  I am using Home Assistant as my integration.

I have noticed that the binary sensors are not updating reliably in HASS.  Sometimes when i open and close a door it triggers as open, but then doesn't close.  I am trying to figure out if the issue is with HASS of Konnected.  Is there a way to look at the Konnected board directly and see how it is reacting to opening and closing doors/windows?

Yes, you can look at the device output. See these articles:

In Hass, also change your log level to INFO and you should see Konnected making API calls every time a sensor changes.

Any chance you are using Hass with DuckDNS and a certificate from Let's Encrypt? See this article:

Hi guys I received my panel last week and have just been swapping over the wiring from my old panel today. I had exactly the same situation with all my window and door open close sensors. I took the advice of a couple of people and deleted the konnected app from smartthings. in order to do that you also have to remove all the connected elements from your home screen if you set them up as favorites and everything else associated with konnected before it will let you delete it. After I’ve done that though and reinstalled connected along with the zone information hey presto it was all working. Maybe the moral of the story is not to setup the zone detail until you have it wired up but I have no idea why that would be the case.