Konnected reads door sensors in the inverse

About my setup

I just replaced an old DSC5010 system with Konnected. The old system was setup with 8 zones - 4 doors and 4 sets of windows. Konnected has been integrated with SmartThings.

My problem

So, I've got all of the zones wired to the Konnected boards, but some of the door and window statuses are read in the inverse (i.e. when the door is closed, Konnected/SmartThings says its open, and when I open the door Konnected/SmartThings says its closed).


Interesting. I have a similar DSC system and am experiencing the exact issue. I have a pair of two wires (green and white) and have tried multiple connections into Konnect via sensor connector and ground. Hopefully someone has a solution or troubleshooting technique. 

Solved - Uninstalled the smartapp and updated repo from the associated device handlers.  

Interesting - I'll give that a shot.

Stephen - just to be clear... Did you remove all of the device handlers and both Konnected smart apps from the developer UI (graph.api.smartthings.com)?

Nevermind - remove/re-add the smart app from the SmartThings app on the phone. Once I did that, most of my wired sensors started reporting correctly. I'll still need to troubleshoot a few because they're not reporting correctly... but I'm thinking that's a problem with the sensors themselves and not Konnected.