Adding and removing konnected devices in the new app

I just migrated over to the new smartthings app. I updated the konnected firmware and got the devices migrated over without too much issue.

I have a doorbell relay that is connected to konnected and it simply acts as a momentary switch when the doorbell is pressed. For the life of me I can’t get it to work in the new app. I am seeing it to a momentary switch type with 1000ms duration, 1 repeat, Low activation.

Next I tried just monitoring the web status page of the konnected extender and bridging the ground and assigned pin with a wire because I wanted to see the state change. This is t working either. I can see my window sensors working in smartthings and I see the blue light activate when a state change happens.

My questions:

  1. should we be able to see real time state changes via the direct IP status monitoring of the panel/extender? I can see the states but it is unclear if this page will update to show real time status.

  2. Once konnected is added to the new app and I can see it in the SHM, what is the correct process to add/remove devices connected to zones? I think this is part of my problem because I am making changes using the konnected android app, doing a sync, and expecting those changes to be reflected in the smartthings app but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As an example. I went into the konnected app, changed a zone to test, set the type to switch, then I went into smartthings and I don’t see the change reflected for that zone.

My question