Working since 2019 now stopped

I have a Konnected Alarm Panel for wired security systems 6 Zone Kit that I purchased back in August 2019. I connected it to my Moose Alarm system and had it going through my Smartthings hub. It was working great up until a few weeks ago. I had been out of town and I noticed that I stopped receiving alerts. I came home last weekend and tried unplugging the Konnected device and rebooting the Smartthings hub, but that did not solve thing.
Here’s where I am… The Konnected device seems to be working… When it is first plugged in the blue light blinks a few times and then goes away. The Konnected device seems to be working to know when doors open and close. When I open a door the yellow Konnected LED turns off, when I close it it goes back on. Where it doesn’t seem to be working is how thing are reporting to Smartthings. I am running Smartthings firmware version 000.048.00005. Each of the windows and doors that I was monitoring from Konnected only shows a status of “Connected”, not “Open” or “Closed.” When I open or close the door it stays “Connected” and never changes to an open or close status.
As an aside, I am having trouble connecting to the Konnected device on my 2.4 wireless network using the iOS app. I have used fing to find the ip address. My device is named NODE-30D292. I see a few open ports, but when I plug the ip and those ports into the Konnected app it does not register.

If you have not updated since 2019, you have some upgrading to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

SmartThings has finally ended support for Groovy-based integrations earlier this year. See FAQ:

Konnected’s original SmartThings integration was built on Groovy. In 2021 we transitioned to our newer cloud service that is Works With SmartThings certified.

To continue using your current hardware with the Konnected app and cloud service, you will need to:

  1. Update the Konnected firmware
  2. Migrate to the Konnected Cloud integration

Thanks for being a long-time user!