Binary sensor states of Konnected are not updating SmartThings

I can see binary sensor data changing on Konnect device, but they are not updating on Smartthings app. So I know everything is working within Konnect system. Four open/close sensors, If I open each door state goes from 0 to 1 but this is not reflected in Smartthings app under each zone

I had this same behavior, I finally just got around to fixing it today.  

I had to remove the konnected panel from ST app completely (means removing any smart tiles or other automation that was referring to the sensors), then re-discover/add it to ST.  

You might need to reflash/update the firmware on the Konnected module too (I updated to 2.3.5 before re-discovering it).

After I did this, everything appears in ST app per zone as open/closed.