Konnected Sensors not updated in the SmartThings App

All 6 sensors in my Konnected system stopped showing changes in the ST app, though when I check status of the pins in the Automated/SmartApps/Konnected/Tap to view device status, the status is always correct. Here's what I've tried:

1. Restart the device from the device status menu.

2. Power cycle.

3. Flash the current version 2.2.7 (was at 2.1.5) and re-sync.

4. Reboot WiFi router and switch.

A couple of additional items:  in the ST API Device List, the Konnected contacts show as INACTIVE. Also, I use the output pin as a way to tell if ST is armed or disarmed, that works as expected.

Any ideas as to how to fix?


I am also facing exact same issue for 2 - 3 weeks now.

I also performed this basic trouble shoot with now success.

Please post if there is any solution.



I am moving to Hubitat, that is my solution. I moved my Konnected system to Hubitat and it works seamlessly. My next step is to move my Z-Wave devices over from SmartHub and I will have a better system that is no longer reliant on the SmartHub cloud.


Any news on this? Any official answer? I’ve been facing the same issue