Konnected Sensors Stop Responding in SmartThings

I'm a new Konnected member, my install went pretty flawless thanks in part to the documentation on the site, videos and member participation in the forums. However, here's something I've noticed the past week and it's starting concern/frustrate me:

All my hardwired leads that are integrated in to SmartThings via two Konnected boards stop responding after performing flawlessly for a few days. The Konnected boards themselves are responsive to the network and up, just not seeing any activity from the contacts in SmartThings app. The contacts stop responding when we disarm the house within SmartThings Home Monitor in the AM. All other Z-wave contacts continue to work as one would expect, so it's definitely just the Konnected devices. Only way to rectify this situation is to do a hard re-boot of the cards by pulling the power supply.

What fails when attempting to "Wakeup" the contacts:

* Issuing a reboot to the Konnected boards from within SmartThings does nothing.

* re-booting SmartThings hub via IDE does nothing.

* I checked the "Disarm" routine to ensure nothing was added by me and there isn't anything.

This is my setup:

* 2 - Konnected boards with static IP addresses assigned to them.

* Ubiquity Unifi network with Access Points throughout the house (My network is pretty rock solid)

* 1 SmartThings Hub that is hardwired to the network and also has a static IP assigned. Contains a mixture of Z-wave sensors/devices and Konnected devices.

I have the same issue.  It doesn't look like the "community" is very active, nor that Konnected monitors the community.  May have to submit a ticket.

I had an issue where I added a second board, it would show up in SmartThings, but the sensors never triggered.  Konnected sent me a new board, same result.  Then after many emails with support back and forth, they asked if I was connected to a network extender, which I am.  It's a mesh type, so same SSID throughout the house, and Konnected support had me reset the board, unplug the extender, connect the board to primary wifi device, and what do you know, sensors worked!  I then plugged the extender back in, the Konnected board's wifi signal increased, and I'm in business.  I've had no issues since, even after a power outage and reboots of the wifi device.  The reason I never had issues with my first board was because I configured the board in my office which is where the primary wifi is located.