Says it's link to Konnected, but no devices appear?

Hey folks,

Konnected works in Home Assistant for me.  I'm trying now to connect to SmartThings.  I add new Device, choose Konnected, log in to Konnected Cloud, it says it's linked successfully, but then there' s no devices.  Not my alarm panel and none of my sensors.  I've repeated it like 10x.  Also rebooted my Konnected device and rebooted my phone (to force the apps to truly restart).  Same deal though.  No devices.  

How can I fix?  What could be wrong?


Plot thickens.  I reinstalled Home Assistant.  It too connects to my Konnected panel.  I've added all my sensors, but it's not getting any updates on the sensors.  My door is always closed for example.  If I go to the status page of konnected, I  can see the sensors updated there.  So it seems like the konnected board and sensors are working, but it's not able to communicate with any of the services.   What's the best troubleshooting steps for when there's communication issues with services?