Help needed - can't discover konnected devide

I am replacing my old (and non-working) house alarm for a konnected device linked to my Home Assistant (RPi2 and As the konnected device I am using a NodeMCU Lolin with a DIY base-board. I followed all the steps in the website and was able to flash the NodeMCU with the konnected-firmware-2-2-6.bin plus upload all src files to the board with ESPlorer. After reseting the device, I connected to its wi-fi network and fixed up my home SSID and password. The NodeMCU connected to my router, and I reserved a static IP to its MAC address. The connection appear to be pretty solid.

After that, I mounted the NodeMCU, a siren (in a relay module), and a 12V UPS in a metal case. Since I didn't had the wiring cables for the sensors at hand, I decided to simulate them (plus a piezzo buzzer) in a prototyping breadboard for testing purposes. 

I edited the configuration.yaml to create the entities for 5 zones, siren and buzzer. Upon restart, all these entities shown up in Home Assistant. The problem is, all binary sensors appear closed (as expected), but when a sensor circuitry is opened for testing, Home Assistant don't show the state change. When I try to turn on the buzzer or siren manually, nothing happens.  

With the Arduino IDE serial monitor, I  was able to find the network port from the konnected device, so I am certain it is functional and online.  However, the "Configuration Information" fields are blank, except the 'API Endpoint' witch is "Undefined". This led me to wonder if it is a Discovery issue, but I think I correctly filed the configuration.yalm konnected section: 

  api_host: http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8123
      host: https://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
      port: XXXXX
      discovery: false
        - pin: 1
          type: door
          name: 'Atic'
        - pin: 2
          type: door
          name: 'Laundry / Piano Studio'
        - pin: 5
          type: window
          name: 'Windows'
        - pin: 6
          type: door
          name: 'Kitchen Door'
        - pin: 9
          type: motion
          name: 'Living Room Movement'
        - pin: 7
          name: 'Warning'
          momentary: 65
          pause: 55
          repeat: -1
        - pin: 8
          name: siren

Can anyone point me a way? I am clueless on how to proceed to make this konnected setup work, and any help is welcome.

Further work led me finally to a solution: I commented the 'api_host' line and removed the 'https://' from the 'host' line. After a reboot, konnected was discovered and the binary sensors states were properly reported. Now I have to take out the testing breadboard and hook up the real sensors wires.