Several problems with konnected and hassio

Just recently got konnected up and going but have had a couple of problems. First is I have noticed any time I restart hass it can take quite a long time for konnected to be discovered. Not one or two minutes but sometimes an hour or more and some times only if I restart several times. Worst then this however I got the system up and running all my zones working and and then about 6 hours later the binary sensors just stopped updating hass. I did not change any configs and the siren switch still works but my binary sensor zones for my doors and windows just will not update. I tried restarting hass powering off and on the konnected board and even rediscovering the wifi network and nothing works. I removed all the wires and only connected one zone and even that didn't work. Any idea what might be going on here? Kind of strange the system worked great for a small bit then nothing.

So small development. I just flashed konnected with the latest firmware and updated hassio to 74.2 and it looks like thing are discovered more quickly but now all my binary sensor are extremely slow to register in home assistant. Like 30 seconds before the status is updated. And only one sensor seems to work. 

Still nothing here. There is an on going ssl handshake issue going for hassio right now that could be causing issues here as well ( Hard to say but the system is back to taking several retries to get the sensors to be found and of those sensors only one works at a time and when it does it take 30 seconds plus for it to register. Have to say thus far I am a bit disappointed in the integration of the system. However I know its new and certainly konnected can not be blamed for hass issues. I am going to try removing all duck dns integration and move over to caddy see if that clears anything up. I also have another konnected module to try (bough a 12 zone system and only used 6 thus far) so perhaps it's just a bad module. Any advice from anyone? Has anyone had these issues? I say on the forum people having the same problems but they cleared up with firm ware updates etc.