Home-Assistant Hassbian (buster) not read sensor changes

I have reset/flashed/wiped the Konnected board a few times and reset up the Wi-Fi for it.

I have two motion and one door wired into the panel for starters; I am also configuring the Home-Assistant with an open pin as well. Everything shows up closed and stays closed. The HA and the K are not communicating.

I downloaded Hassbian this week for RPI3b+, so it is running buster. I am considering reimaging and trying to go with stetch.

I have read the Wireshark help doc. I am capturing network traffic on a hub in front of my Rpi3B+ and on the Wi-Fi simultaneously. I can see the Konnected device do the SSDP announcements (NT: urn:schemas-konnected-io) when it comes online after setting up the wifi, but the HA does not seem to act on those announcements. The HA is seeing all my chrome devices, google home minis, the Onkyo changing the cast song, and all the Chrome browsers broadcasting and chatting with the devices. So it seems as if this should be working. Based on my captures it should be seeing the Konnected device's SSDP announcements and I should be able to kapture the HA doing the SSDP announcement (ST: urn:schemas-konnected-io).

But I am not seeing the HA rpi announce anything Konnectedish. 

I have, based on my captures, observed that the Konnected Node device uses two different MAC addresses based on it if is in the setup phase or production phase. I have added both MACs as devices in my HA configuration.yaml file.

Any suggestions?

I added the following lines to my HA configuration.yaml and it has finally discovered my Konnected device:



 - konnected