False Alarms?

I've had konnected installed for about 2 weeks now and for the most part it's been fantastic but earlier tonight I had 2 false intrusions within 20 minutes. The strange thing was that it said the intrusion was in the master bedroom but the master already had open windows so it should've been disregarded by the smart home monitor app. 

Has anyone had similar experiences? Or know what my issue might be?

This is strange ... if you check the recent history of that master bedroom sensor, do you see it closing and opening again at the same time of the intrusion detection?

It does actually, any idea as to why? I’ve left the window open and haven’t touched it at all over the past two to three days. It didn’t have this issue the first night either.

Actually now that I’m looking at it, it seems like a lot of sensors on my third board, which I’ve reserved for upstairs, are having this issue. The loft window hasn’t been touched in a while either but history shows that it was closed and reopened within one minute. Could there be an issue with my konnected board?

Interesting ... we don't usually get many reports of false opens/closes. I've never encountered one personally.

I would suspect a power issue or potentially a short circuit first. How have you mounted the boards? 

The boards are mounted with magnetic standoffs. However, the board that is causing issues is one that initially had an issue with the WiFi. I believe the WiFi board may have short circuited because when I touched it accidentally it was burning hot. As I most likely didn't notice for a few hours, Is it possible that the overheating of the wifi board caused damage to the Konnected board?

Also I've had no issues with my other 2 boards (running an 18 zone set up). 

If it's very hot, then it needs to be replaced and will probably completely fail soon. This happens sometimes.

See this article for steps to request a replacement: https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000023767-device-is-not-responsive-and-gets-hot

Sorry no I meant that the board that is current having issues is one that had a wifi board fail in the past. Is it possible that the old failure has caused some issues with the Konnected board?

Oh I see what you're saying. I suppose it's possible.
Have you gotten more false alarms since your OP?

Sorry to revive this, but I just got my first false alarm and it's different that the above. At 7:10am this morning my alarm went off with a note from SHM stating that a guest room window had an intrusion. No such trigger happened according to SmartThings. The sensor doesn't show such a change of state and the window in question was shut and locked as it usually is. I'm at a complete loss to explain this. I do have a few complex pistons regarding security (including the use of SHM Delay), but nothing that actually touches that specific window. The pistons mainly deal with doors, locks and status lights of switches (love the new HS-WD200+ switch).  

ANY ideas? I submitted a ticket as well.

I am having the same issue.  I unboxed and installed the system yesterday.  Everything went smooth.  I am replacing a Napco 16 zone system that has worked perfect for many years.  I duplicated all the zones as is.  I am getting false alarms on different zones.  Here is a pic showing it.   On the Napco you can set the loop response time to fix issues like this.  Is there a setting in this system that lets you adjust for 100ms open closes?  This system will not work if this cannot be adjusted.  All the windows have magnetic sensors.


Sean, I had thought the same thing but no one seems to have an answer for this. One would have to believe the software would allow us to set that sort of setting.  I'm afraid of my system to the point of essentially not using it now unless no one is at home. I no longer use it when we're in the house so no security at night other than us. Not a good solution. 

It can be fixed very easy in software.  konnected can de-bounce the inputs in software.  If you search arduino debounce you will find many examples.  I have had this system up for less than 24 hours and it is unusable until this is fixed. 

For now I connected the power lines that used to go to the panels to a piezo behind the panel.  I am using smart lighting automation to beep when any door or window opens.  I can hear the false alarms real time and then I check the log.  They are always open and close with the same time stamp.  I did not have this issue with my Napco system.

I just had another one at 12:33 today.

Anyone find an answer to the false alarms? I’m getting several intrusion notifications on SHM for wired sensors on two different doors. Open/close sensors show open and close at the exact same time on two different doors (not all three) wilhich trigger the notification in SmartThings. Neither door was open at the time. Any ideas appreciated.

False alarms are not expected and only a very, very small number of users have reported problems like this. We assume that false alarms are caused by problems related to aging sensors or wiring. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance on the sensor loops -- it should be near 0. If you measure more than a few ohms of resistance on the line, that may indicate a failing sensor or wire.

FYI -- debouncing would not help this problem. Konnected software already limits one state change per 200ms. Debouncing means to collapse multiple back-to-back state changes into one. It would not help in this case because the first open/close would still be reported.

I think I found the answer to my wired false alarms that has so far corrected the issue.   

I had tuned the potentiometers just to the point where the lights came on on the Konnected board with the doors closed.  I think very small variations in resistance was breaking the circuit and causing the false alarms.   

To correct the issue, I opened all my door contacts and further adjusted the potentiometers away from the "tipping point", but verified that open/close status still reliably registered.  So far so good!

Not at all a Konnected, software, or even hardware problem, but certainly an installation tidbit worth knowing.


 I'm having this issue with one of my zones with 5 windows. Leaving the window open, any, will make connected send false alarms. So having any window open on that zone will make the system trigger a close and back open within one second. No set interval either. As long as any window in that zone is open this will happen. Now I need to go and try other window zones to see if it is the same. I had the system up and running for more than a month now and no previous issues. I don't get David's resolution, where are those potentiometers?

See picture

I don't get that solution either. There are no such items in my setup. I'm now replacing sensors all over and the setup frankly puts me on edge which is not what I hoped for when making this change. I'm seriously considering dumping Smart Home Monitor and using webcore to code my own entire security solution because, at least there I can set a delay to eliminate false alarms. I'm totally shocked that Nate can't come up with a simple solution.  It should be pretty easy to simply ignore any trigger that lasts and inhuman amount of time. No one, for example, can open, enter and close a window or door in under a second. Thus, all such triggers are false and should be treated as such.