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Well this has been profitable and fun!  I followed the online directions and had one trouble spot.  SmartThings sensed four of my doors opening but would take up to 30 minutes to sense closure.  Thanks to Andy mentioning resisters again I thought to look in the door jambs rather than at the legacy panel and alias my problem!  After removal of the resistors it all works great!  6 doors, 2 motion detectors, 3 glass breakage detectors, a siren, a buzzer, battery backup, and a new plastic junction box (adding 20% improved wifi) and no more legacy system on the wall!

Hope you all enjoy as much as i did.

That looks great. Nice and clean. Enjoy the new Konnected system.

Nice work!  Which junction box is that?

I picked it up locally at a Womack Electrical Supply its a 

SCEPTER.  12x12x4" Deep.