My install - Konnected Main, Add-on and Fire Tablet

First off - thanks to Nate and all involved with the Konnected product. It is an awesome product and luckily I stumbled on it before the Kickstarter phase.

My old system was a typical Honeywell Vista 20P. Replaced it with a Konnected Main board and a Konnected Add-on board. Everything went together easily and so glad Nate redesigned / added the add-on board. I'm currently only using it to drive the door chime, but will add on some motions, or other hardwired devices. 

Currently using a Fire 7 with Fully Kiosk running ActionTiles in the old keypad location.  Powering it is a 12v - 5V usb adapter. Wall mount was bought off eBay

I'm powering everything with this - . Plenty of headroom for additional devices and tablets.

Overall, very happy with how it turned out. Still need to hook up the internal / external sirens, and do some cleanup, but it's working as expected!

Looks good! I just started messing with Actiontiles on a Fire 7 tablet I bought on sale at Christmas time. My plan is to make a custom wood enclosure that looks nicer than the 3d printed ones if all goes to plan.

Your install looks great!  Ebay seller motifsetc has a mount that looks like yours. 

What's that gray and blue device mounted to your DIN rail?

Thanks Bill - pretty sure that's the same mount I have..

Those are terminal blocks to distribute the 12V from the PS up in the upper right hand corner.