18 zone installation success!

I received my 18 zone kit last week and just finished my installation of the system.


After learning about Konnected in December and backing the project, I got a head start by getting a SmartThings hub, two Fire 10 HD tablets to use for monitoring and interacting with other smart home devices, and using a continuity tester to trace all my sensors and group the wires into the zones I want to track. The tablets are powered by reusing the in-wall wiring for the old alarm panels, stepping down from 12V to 5V just behind the tablets.


Pictures show the three Konnected boards mounted on the included blue plexiglass sheet, the completed wiring in the alarm cabinet, and one of the tablets displaying the status of various sensors using ActionTiles/Fully Kiosk Browser. I have alternate ActionTiles panels to display similar information on phone devices in portrait orientation.


Nice work! What tablet mounts are you using? They look very nice!

The one in the photo is a standard picture frame from Hobby Lobby with some additional black matting to block out parts the frame didn’t cover since the tablet has a widescreen aspect ratio. My 2nd tablet is installed with a 3D printed frame sold by someone on a Smartthings Facebook group. That one works well mounted by the garage door while the silver one in the picture works well for a bedroom location.