My Konnected Install

Just a little info about myself. I worked for a company that built large space reflectors. So, I have over 40+ years’ experience in wiring. My install does not qualify for space, lol. I just like things to be organized.
I have been wanting a smart “smarttings” compatible alarm for many years. I saw konnected on amazon and gave it a try. I had a GE Networx alarm system, it worked great, but dumb.
I have a total of 16 wired contact sensors that are 24 years old, with two (2) garage doors and (2) two double windows that are on Zigbee contact sensors. Most everything I purchased for the system came via Amazon. I built most of the system on the bench then installed it in the wall. I used the old key pads wiring to power the tablets, and two (2) 3D printed tablet frames purchased from konnected. {Jason Thomas} I would have liked to have had a UPS for the system, but we have a whole house generator that will take over. The panel is about 40 ft. away from the router and gets more than a sufficient signal.
Everything works great and have not had any issues or connection issues either. This has been installed for 3 years now.
Key pads use Actiontiles and Fully kiosk. I am keeping my Actiontiles dark because I can’t sleep if it is too bright.

List of gear:
Power Supply - ALITOVE DC 12V 10A 120W
6 Circuit Fuse Block
20 Position 30Amp/300V Screw Terminal Block Distribution Module
30Amp 48V 2x6 Position Terminal Block Distribution Module
2 ea. DC Converter Buck Module 12V Convert to 5V USB Output Power Adapter
20 Inch Media Enclosure, Wifi transparent Electrical Box
2 ea. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 16GB 9.7-Inch Tablet SM-T550
2 ea. Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet frame
Smartthings V2 hub.
TP-link Archer AX73 WIFI 6 router.