Completed: Brinks/ADT 6-zone, 2 keypad replacement

Finally got around to installing the Konnected replacement system today. My old system was a proprietary Brinks one, and had virtually no other options to migrate to self-monitoring with it. I had two small challenges:

  1. The installer used a shared common wire with four of my devices (zones 1-4); on my original board, I assume they all co-terminated via the aux power ground connection. This would not have been an issue except that two devices that shared this ground were my siren and motion sensor. As I found out, the Konnected board uses an unconventional deployment where the common terminal is actually at ~12Vdc when the siren is in the off-state. i.e. when the siren activates, the common terminal drops back to zero, creating the positive voltage differential to sound the siren. I had to re-wire my speaker separately to adapt to the Konnected siren deployment.
  2. My siren wasn't a siren at all; it's just a speaker. So I ordered the Honeywell one.

I've attached a pic of my old system in the metal enclosure; I removed this to ensure I'd have good WiFi connectivity. I also put up a piece of plywood for attaching the board(s) and also other network connections I have that terminate there. I re-mounted the old panel in case some future owner wants to go back to the 90s. The new Konnected panel looks almost comically simplistic, without all the extra wires for the two keypads, battery and communications. I did not opt for battery backup, as the rest of my network doesn't have it.

I went with the Samsung hub, and aside from using the old iOS app, haven't had any issues with it. I added a bit more detail here: