Konnected and Brinks BHS 4000A Wired together

Didn’t want to remove panel due to insurance and that HOA fee includes monitoring, didnt want smoke and heat sensors to depend on SmartThings.
Envisalink doesn’t work with my panel.

So I developed a hybrid.

  • Existing Panel only uses ONE zone now which is a relay from Konnected alarm output.
  • Konnected powered by alarm backup battery
  • 12v Siren output from panel will drive a relay to be a zone on Konnected.
  • using Alarm output of Konnected to momentarily open Zone 1 when a Konnected door or window input is open to keep the existing chime on the two keypads

Interesting, so they both trip each other? 


hmmm. I kinda wondered about doing that.. 
I don't think my physical alarm is tied into phone ATM. and was wondering if I could run both

Konnected now makes a pass through IO board for just that reason.

I was thinking about using Konnected in a similar situation, except have the contacts wired to both the Alarm Panel and the Konnected Board. If I tie the commons (0V) to each zone, I think it should work.

Has anyone used this type of setup?  

Dville, So you are able to use your original keypads to arm or disarm or a wifi tablet ?

The brinks cannot be used to arm the SmartThings the way I have it wired.
I don’t use the brinks much, only the SmartThings.
The brinks as I wired it really only provides the chime for door opening, and the ability to be used when I want.

What do you mean that Konnected makes a pass through board? Forgive my ignorance as I trying to get educated in all these things

Here it is.