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Here's my install - I had a DIY kit that upgraded to a 12-zone Konnected board (Prototype - which is why it's red)

Here's a few of the photos:


DIY Kit:

I used an ELK 624 board with a new 16.5 transformer plug-in to power the Konnected board, siren and powered sensors (motion, glass break, etc.) I used the terminal boards for organization, since there were a lot of wires going left and right in there.

Konnected Boards:

Even cleaner setup, using the 12v DC plugin with pigtail to power the Konnected boards, and powered the Fire Tablets via a 12v 5A plug for both devices. I had bought the DuPont wires for the DIY install, so I decided to keep them for the Konnected install, keeping things organized. I'm sure at some point I can remove the terminal boards and make it an even cleaner install.

My only complaint? The siren board died during this installation, and it took an ESP8266 board with it. Fortunately, I had a spare, and was up and running quickly.


Looks great Nathan!


Nice work and sorry to hear of the issues with the siren and ESP8266 boards. 

Do you have any idea what the root cause of the failures ? Hoping to avoid similar issues when I dive into my alarm panel upgrade with the new Konnect board. 

Also, I see you system is houses in an enclosure similar to mine. Have you had any issues with the metal box attenuating the wifi signals? Approximately how far is it from your SmartHub to your enclosure? 



I'm fairly certain it was the siren driver - for reference, it was this one here. I tend to be fairly methodical in setup, plus I was taking photos along the way so I could document the install for a variety of scenarios, and looking through the photos, it was only when I connected the siren driver was when the ESP8266 board failed. And it was the board that the siren was connected to as well - the add-on board's ESP8266 board was fine. I attempted to initiate a siren test with a separate 12v continuous power source and the capacitor popped, which shouldn't have happened, given it's a 12v board. So, that was a clue. I swapped out the ESP8266 board that blinked out and everything went well - I double checked the wiring, but nothing was moved around, loose or cross-wired. I'm a little sad about it, but after looking at the reviews on Amazon, they've had some quality control for that board lately, so I'm fairly certain the siren driver was the overall cause of that headache. 

The ONLY difference I had in my original setup is that I had the power to YLP+ instead of STDY+, but that's a choice - one sounds like a siren, while the other sounds like a test tone. A really annoying test tone. But after the Konnected re-install, it wouldn't play nice.

As far as Wifi goes, I have a 61% signal with the box closed, and it's approximately 30' from my SmartThings hub. My alarm box is downstairs near my entrance, while my hub is upstairs in my office. If I have the box open, it jumps up to about 72%, so I've thought about swapping out with this ABS box here. It's not only durable and waterproof, it's pretty inexpensive. The Honeywell boxes can get up there in cost, for no apparent reason.



Thanks for sharing the details of you incident and the wifi signal strength attenuation for your configuration.

I just ran a quick assessment with the signal attenuation in my configuration is ~26% 

Enclosure Door Open / WiFi Signal Strength 96%

Enclosure Door Closed / WiFi Signal Strength 70%  

If I discover any erratic behaviors I may consider an ABS enclosure.