Completed Installation

3 Alarm Modules
1 Battery Backup w/3 way splitter
1 In-line pass-through Timer: TMR-1 (TMR-1-7A-28V) from
2 Android Nexus 7 (2013) Tablets (I had laying around doing nothing)
1 Netgear LB2120 LTE/Broadband Modem
2 APC UPS Backup Units (Small office units)
1 ActionTiles license
2 Fully Kiosk licenses

The in-line pass-through timer provides a siren delay on intrusion triggers.
The Netgear LB2120 LTE/Broadband Modem is SUPPOSED to provide LTE failover; however, is currently disconnected due to "known issues" that actually take both wired and LTE offline  (yeah).

I used the existing alarm keypad cables (red cables seen at the bottom right) to carry piezo signals to the 2 piezos I installed where the old alarm keypads used to be; as well as to carry power to the 2 Android Nexus 7 (2013) Tablets. 

Both tablets are running Fully Kiosk in launcher mode and set to display the alarm panels and associated tiles created in ActionTiles.

All alarm and alarm associated networking equipment is on battery backup.

wow! Beautiful install. Just finished mine yesterday although you have the added complexity of the display time. Really love the Nexus and how you have it positioned on the wall stand. Is that a DYI solution? Looks like a towel rack painting black. Beautiful, whatever it is.

My setup is almost exactly the same. Wondering if you've had any sensors single sensors toggling between open/close about 5-10 times a minute? Can't arm the system because of it. Reboot the panels helped momentarily. 

Also, I can manually trigger the siren but although it is tied to the security SmartApp, it doesn't go off automatically by a trigger event. Any suggestions for either problem would be great.

Hi Serpico, my setup is similar and thanks to you.  I configured the home security through the new smartthings app so I can take advantage of the delay siren for disarming at the panel (nexus 7).  My question is there a way to delay the arming at the panel?   I have kids that do not own smartphones, so I need a way to arm the system from within the home.

Corey - I'm not aware of any native way to delay the ARMING; however, you could use a SmartThings button ($12-14) and place it outside the door (I don't think it's weather proof so you may need to get clever). Program the button in SmartThings to ARM the system when pressed.

Esteban, thanks!

The wall mount is custom: I picked up a "Legrand Adorne 2-Gang Bronze Double Wall Plate

" from Lowes (see picture) and modified it slightly. It bolts directly to what was the previous alarm keypad mounting holes in the wall. The faceplate easily snaps on and off the wall mount. What isn't show here is I filled the opening with a black plastic standard blank wall plate (screw holes all line up perfectly because they are all standardized).

For the pegs: I drilled 2 holes in the cover plate, used two dry-wall expanders and attached two rubber caps. Screwed them onto the wall plate from behind. All the parts were from Lowes in the hardware section (in the hobby\projects drawers as I recall).

I have the NEXUS magnetic wireless charger puck secured to the wall plate with Gorilla Glue 2-sided tape. The magnetic force is more than enough to hold the tablet in place but also affords the ability to pop it off the wall and take it throughout the house if needed. My initial intent was to have the wireless charger ACTUALLY CHARGE the tablet but due to the finicky voltage requirements it wouldn't work when extending the power from the alarm system installation. So there is a 45 degree USB cable used to charge it.

As for the flapping of sensors I am not seeing that; you may have a short in the wiring or the connections may be loose? Just throwing out ideas.

For configuring the alarm siren, I'd suggest going to Reddit and look in the SmartThings group - they can be very helpful!