Audible Arming & Armed Alert

I was in the process of installing the Konnected system in conjunction with my traditional NX6-V2 wired alarm system so that I can keep the keypad functionality (and keep it simple for the family). After days and DAYS of trial and error, I gave up and just replaced the traditional alarm system with the Konnected Alarm Pro system. I disconnected the keypads, and behind them I wired in the Piezo buzzers to function as door chimes. This was all fine and dandy, but the problem is that if the system is armed and a door opens (say when I return home from work or let the dog out in the morning), I won't know if the system is armed unless I look at my phone OR hook up a tablet interface. Neither of these methods though will give an audible alert that the system is armed if a door is opened just as a traditional system would. It also doesn't give an audible countdown when the system is arming letting you know to get out. From what I've researched online, there's also no way to get the Konnected system to mimic these two traditional system features.

Does anyone know how I can replicate those two features using the Konnected system and Smart Things?

As an FYI, I purchased the Konnected alarm pro board with ethernet port and two interface modules. I'm also using Smart Things. I've dabbled in Home Assistant for home automation but ST was quicker to set up and easier to use so I stuck with that.


After setting the alarm off several times on entry and exit, I have also look for some type of warning buzzer before the siren goes off. I’m still experimenting and I have not completely tested this set up but it looks promising. I also have the PRO panel.

1. Wire a piezo buzzer to your OUT2 pin and make sure the switch on the panel is set to OUT2.

2. Add the zone shown as ALARM2/OUT2 to your Konnected APP.

3. Set it up as a Momentary Switch and name it. Now you can experiment with the duration, pause, and repeat settings to extend the buzzer duration. What you want is a buzzer that will let you know you need to dismiss and disarm your system. 10 or 20 seconds with usually let you know somethings up.

100ms duration, 100ms pause, repeat 50 will give you a 10 second warning.

4. Sync to Smartthings and locate you zone. You can test the sound.

5. Under the Set up for Smartthings Security “Set Response” there is a selection for “Turn on Lights”. Select the your new zone. Below that listing set “Delay time” to None.

If this works as planned, an exit or entry while the system is armed should trigger the buzzer to give you and extended warning. It is not connected to your “Delay before alert” timer but If your phone is not on you, it will give you a chance to dismiss.

I have to order and install a new piezo, before I can test this completely. Any feedback is welcome.

David, did you ever try out your setup described in this post? Did it work? If so, I would really like to do the same thing if it works. Just last evening my wife tripped the alarm not knowing it was on, and had difficulty disabling using the tablet I setup on the wall running ActionTiles. She called me in a panic, and I remotely disabled through SmartThings app on my phone.

One question to confirm wiring. Do I wire the positive to the OUT2 pin, and the negative to GND (ground) pin on the board?



This did work. I did not get it working completely because I need to find a louder piezo.  

I temporary disconnected it to use the supplied piezo as an open/close door chime.  I will check and let you know about the wiring.  

Setting off the alarm by accident will drive you crazy.  You can program an echo to have it turn off the  siren with your own personalized command (for security you can use a random command). 


Thanks for your reply.  I went ahead and set this up, and it works great.  I too could use a louder piezo than the one that came with my PRO panel, but it will do for now.

Also thanks for the tip about using an  Echo command to turn off the siren.  I'm a Google/Android guy, so I'll have to see if a Google Assistant command can be configured.

Now if I could just figure out a way to have an "exit delay" using SmartThings after setting the alarm using my mounted tablet, I'd be all set.  But that's a different post here:

Delay on Exit Problem using SmartThings

Joe A.

Dude, I also faced a similar issue when I was installing this Konnected alarm set up in my home.  And another same alarm system was installed but a different model for my professional article writers london office. So I would suggest you search on youtube for the installation tutorials and the results for the Konnected alarm system. Maybe this will fix your issue as it does mine.