22-Zone System Setup nearly complete

4 units installed and functional. I have a few zones that are misbehaving, but siren is working, Piezo is working and motions are all powered up. I will do some cable management once things get a little more permanent, but now on to figuring out how to use the zones with smart home monitor. Then on to relay -triggered garage door openers, and a more permanent power solution.

The Konnected boards work just great!  Thanks (and congratulations) to Nate and the team for taking the concept to reality and helping so many of us transition to smart homes!

PS. Tip:. I offset the left and right Columns of boards by ~an inch vertically and also ~an inch in the "towards me" direction by mounting them on to their own small 1 by 2 by 8 inch piece of wood. Makes for installing the cable is a little bit easier.