Finally Konnected!

This house was pre-wired for a Honeywell security system, 5 zones. It was never used because I just could not see paying a $90/month monitoring fee. I’m cheap, what can I say?

In January I bought a ST hub because I often forgot to turn on (or off) the porch lights. Figured it was time to automate that task. Of course, that opened so many more possibilities to satisfy my laziness. Now I’m not even sure how many ST switches/devises are in this house. But the garage door opens when I drive down the street and the front door automagically unlocks. Bonus if it’s after dark the garage lights and some of the house lights turn on as well!

I missed the kickstarter release by a month. I had to impatiently wait until late May for my 12 zone package to arrive. During the wait, I tagged all the current zone wires. Unfortunately the installer DID NOT label anything. Motion sensors were easy to identify because of the required power. Other zones I disconnected a wire and read the panel for what was triggering. Eventually, I figured them all out. When the package arrived hooking everything up was fairly straightforward. The only glitch was the smoke detectors. I did not realize that I had two listed unsupported “System Sensor 2W-B” four wires. I guess I will replace them but not sure with what model. I would like to use one that has either no batteries or at least 10-year lithium batteries. Maybe someone can provide a recommendation?

Everything else worked perfectly. Slagged all the old hardware to include the wall panel monitor.

My next step will be to place a couple of Fire HD 8’s on walls next to the primary entrances to the house. I have already downloaded Action Tiles and have designed what I think will be logical tiles. Looking forward to that challenge!

So Nate Clark, way to go. This has been a HOME RUN. I have only managed to inadvertently set off the alarm in Alarm Stay mode once by including the pantry open/close switch once this morning. Fixed that right quickly.

I recently suggested this to Nate but he’s been kind of busy and hasn’t replied. I also don’t know if this actually works or not since I don’t have my Konnected modules yet to test.

WARNING: try this at your own risk. Research this possible solution before trying it.

My current system uses Bosch D125B modules. I believe they are for the smoke detectors although i haven’t verified at this point. However, I found online documentation about module Bosch D132A (my system doesn’t use it though) about the D125B being connected for smoke detectors. The D125B module may provide a signal that a Konnected module can use.