32 Zones - Tweaked a few things for scale

First want to thank Nate. When my existing hard wired system  died a few years ago I said there must be something better then this old school analog crap.  First thing that came to mind was replace the guts of the old system with something modern that could talk to the perfectly good hard wires I had. Couldn't find anything for a couple of years until I found what Nate invented.

First problem I had was after I dismantled my old system I had a rats nest of wires dangling from the ceiling. The bundle was big and nothing was labeled. As I was toning things out I realized cable management was going to be a necessity. To solve this problem I bought some cheap ($10) screw terminals from Amazon. My plan was to terminate all of the existing wires so that I could just use jumper wires to get to the Konnected boards.

Second problem was I couldn't find a project box big enough to do what I wanted. So I just threw up a piece of plywood on the wall. This worked out great as I was able to mount everything into the wood with screws and didn't have to worry about shorting anything.

Next after I mounted the Konnected boards I make the "cross connects" with some CAT 5E cable I had left over. I just removed the outer jacket and pulled the pairs apart. Perfect size wire. If I used regular wire like the original wires it would have been too cramped.

Last thing to figure out was power distribution. The splitters that came with the kit were a bit short and cumbersome for my layout. Again after another $20 from Amazon I was able to put together the custom power distro you see in the picture.

That's it! My fingers hurt!


Nice job!

This is fantastic! Glad it's working out well for you, Domenic!

There is something beautiful and scary in that symmetry. Outstanding job!

 Can you please provide Amazon links to the products you used?

+1 on the Amazon product links.  Just wondering what power supply you used.

The power supplies are the ones that came with the kit.  Here is the link to the power terminals from Amazon ($11). 

What gauge wire is recommended to go from those zone distribution blocks to the Konnected boards?  WOuld it be okay to use wires from a CAT6 cable?  Not sure what the gauge is on those cables.

nevermind.  I just saw that you said CAT5E cable.  doh