24 Zone System w/Hubitat and dual garage door opener installed!

Hi All,

I received my new Konnected 24 zone system over the December holidays, and spent a lot of time revamping my entire wiring closet.  So, besides ripping out the old security system, I also installed a new patch panel for my network, installed a new battery backup for everything, ran some new camera wires for my surveillance system, installed a Hubitat, and installed the 24 zone Konnected system including a dual relay board which activates my 2 garage doors.  

I'm not completely finished though.  I had to order a couple of 4-wire smoke detectors to replace the 2-wire ones that were installed with my previous security system.  While it does make sense that the 2-wire ones will not work with Konnected after reading the instructions, I did not realize it when I was ordering everything.  No big deal though, the new ones have arrived, and I hope to get those installed this weekend.

I'd also like to install a CO detector, but I think I'm going to try to go with a wireless option for that, and connect directly to my Hubitat.

All in all, this has been a really fun project.  Love the product so far!  Good luck to everyone else on their installs!


What do you think about Liftmaster Model CSL24U?

Great work.