Expanding original DIY kit and preparing for my pre-order arrival

I became a backer in Dec. '17 since this project looked like a great way to make use of the wired Vista 20P alarm in my home. It was unused since I moved in March 2015.

I purchased a NodeMCU and prototype board on Amazon and programmed it with the Konnected software. I connected it to the 5 Zones used for my existing alarm. Very easy to do and I used the existing panel housing with an added 12V power supply. See Panel 1 image.

About 3 weeks ago my wife started noticing that the she had to get really close to our garage door for the opener to work. The transmitter in her car always had great range but now we almost had to touch the door with the car for it to work. The one in my car which is rarely used also exhibited the same reduced range. My pix was to flash another NomeMCU with the Konnected software and use it with the Smatthings app open and close the door. See Gar Open image. Happy wife!

In preparation for my 12 zone kit to arrive I decided to redo my initial attempt at a panel to something more flexible. I still used the screw terminal strips to interface to my existing sensor wiring but broke out all sensors individually. I also used a provide multiple power terminals from the 12V supply. Re-used the garage door opener NodeMUC setup in this version since I have a wire running from the panel to the garage where the opener controls are. I added one more NodeMCU to handle the last of the windows. See Panel 2 image.

So far everything is working great! I am using 17 of the 18 sensor inputs available and one of the 3 outputs. Will be integrating the siren next. Can't wait for my 12 zone order to arrive to put those in place of the DIY kits. Will order another add-on board to replace the 3rd NodeMCU DIY unit.

Not shown are the two tablets used to monitor the system. An Amazon Fire HD 6 in my office and a Samsung 7" Tab 2 in the hall way. The Tab 2 is powered by the 12V supply in the panel using the wires for one of the old keypads to a 12V to 5V converter in the wall behind the tablet. I need to come up with a wife approved wall mount for the Tab 2. Both tablets are running Fully browser and using  ActionTiles customized for each.

Thanks for this! I will be looking at doing this too. If I have anymore questions I hope you don’t mind me asking