DIY board replacement!

After some pain in removing the old Konnected SmartApp from SmartThings (pro-tip: remove all the Konnected things and THEN remove the old SmartApp), I'm up and running on my new Konnected Alarm Panels!

Everything works great including the entry beep!

The screw terminals are worlds better than deciphering jumper wires (a process made worse by deuteranopia).

This is a great product that needs a little polish before an average non-nerd user will be able to comprehend installation and configuration. As a tech-savvy DIYer, I love it!


Terrific looking installation, great job. Can you share what your did to replicate the entry beep?


 @Greg Gordon:

  • I reused the in-wall cable for my Brinks keypad and crimped on a jumper lead to the black (G) and red (+) wires. These are respectively jumpered to the negative and positive terminals on the buzzer.
  • On my add-on panel I wired red to OUT and black to (G)round.
  • In the app I configured the OUT channel as a blink/beep switch for 100ms pulse, 50ms pause, and it repeats three times.
  • I set a SmartThings Routine to trigger that Thing each time a specified door opens or closes.

Works great. Now I know when the kids let the dog out, try and sneak outside, or leave an exterior door open.