Sensors not changing whilst Hassio is running

I am testing the new beta Hassio V0.70.0b1
I have a clean install on a Raspberry Pi 3 with only the samba add-on and have configured door sensors on pin 1+2 as in the guide and a siren on pin 8.

I am using my own node MCU with 2.2.0 konnected installed.

Hassio detects everything.
The siren switch works and turns on/off a test led on the pin.
I am grounding the pins for the test sensors and I get 2 flashes on the nodemcu but they stay in the same state on hassio.
If I ground them before starting Hassio they show closed if the are open when starting they show open. I just can’t get them to change after starting. Any ideas what to try please?

I have resolved this, the nodemcu was not fully inserted into the project base board. I hadn’t realised how far/hard it needed to be pushed in.

This actually turned out to be that konnected does not update the sensors if Hassio is using SSL with duckdns. Same issue as