Sensors not reporting change in state

I’ve started my migration over to a pro panel flashed with ESPHome and setup in Home Assistant, and so far so confused. I have started by setting up a few simple sensors to check everything is working, and none of the sensors report state back into HA.

Opening a door or activating a motion sensor doesn’t register in HA, and I’ve confirmed the PIRs have power on and are sensing. If I just open the circuit on the board (remove the ground) I see the state change in HA, but nothing I do with a sensor has an impact.

So, the board is online, esphome is working, the contacts are registering changes on the board. Why wouldn’t the sensor (contact or motion) be showing a change in state?

exact same issue. was working before the firmware upgrade. Any ideas?

Do you have resistors wired inside your sensors or in-line with the sensor wiring? Those should be removed.

If it works when you manually open/close the circuit, then it should work when the sensor opens/closes the circuit. If not, then something is wrong with your sensor circuit.

If you have a multimeter, you can measure continuity and/or resistance on the sensor circuit. You should see continuity (very low, single-digit Ohm resistance) when the circuit is closed and no continuity (infinite resistance) when the circuit is open.