Help with PIR Motion continuously in Detected State

Replaced my older Konnected boards with a Konnected Pro board and added back into Home Assistant. Wired PIR motion sensors were working as expected in old install but now constantly in a “detected” state. Checked wiring and believe it is the same as the previous. Any suggestions appreciated.

Not sure if this is related but adding here in case it’s a board thing. I have an existing PIR with a resistor on it that operated questionably with the Konnected Pro board. I recently tried removing the resistor from the PIR circuit and now it’s just continually Detected, like the OP here. Curious… does adding a resistor make it work a little better for you?

Konnected should be wired to motion sensors without any resistors. Resistors should be removed. These are traditionally used for tamper detection, which is not supported right now.

Typical motion sensors will have 4 terminals: 12V+ and GND or 0V and then a pair for the Normally-open loop. If your motion sensor has more terminals, you may have to move one of the wires and remove a resistor.

If it’s always showing detected, that could suggest that the wires aren’t connected to the board properly, and the circuit is always open. Most of the time it’s just a loose connection.