Motion Sensor Overly Sensitive Post-Konnected Install

Hey all,

I recently converted my old Vista 20P system to a Konnected panel and while everything is working properly, I am having a problem with the wired motion sensor.

Previously this motion sensor would only trigger when motion, such as a person, walked within range. After the Konnected install, this motion sensor is now much more sensitive. It continues to trigger when any motion at all is encountered. This wouldn’t be a problem except that my cat is now setting it off periodically.

I assume this has something to do with removing the resistor from the wiring of the sensor, which I believe was instructed in the installation manual.

Is there any way I could get this motion sensor to be a little less sensitive? Could I just add the resistor back in?

Thanks for the help!

The resistor was there for tamper protection circuit, usually not a sensitivity adjustment. Can you post a pic of the inside of your motion sensor?

This is a Honeywell “dual-tech” sensor which means it has PIR and Microwave technology. There should be an adjustment dial to adjust the sensitivity of the microwave sensor. I don’t see it in the pic though, maybe blocked by the white thing around the lense.

Also make sure that when you re-mount it it’s in the same orientation and height as originally mounted. For PIR sensors, the height and angle make a huge difference in sensitivity and range.

The resistor would not affect the sensitivity.

I’ve done some research regarding this DT-720B model but I’m also unable to locate the microwave adjustment wheel mentioned online. Here is a picture with the white foam removed. Also I’m not really understanding why this sensor is now so much more sensitive as a result of the konnected install.