End of Line Resistors in wall

Has or can somebody test on if the board will see the contact as closed if it has 600 ohms of resistance.  I have a 1k ohm end of line that was put in the walls for 3 doors (I didn't do it but its done), with that said, if I put in parallel a 1500k ohm resistor I can get the circuit down to about 600 ohms.  Is that enough to show the circuit closed?  This might help a lot of people who have to live with somebody else's dumb decisions.   So short version, open will be about 1500 ohms and closed 600, is that enough to activate the logic in the CCA?   I thought I read that somebody tried a 1k ohm closed and it wasn't low enough to activate a "closed" circuit.  Just trying to think outside the box for others who have in wall 1k ohm resistors. 

Hi everyone,

I've the same problem.

I've about 12 doors or windows equipped with recessed magnetic contacts but wired with resistors hidden in the wall and not accessible.

Does anyone find a way to use a konnected panel despite the presence of a resistor on the wire? (change in the konnected software? extra device to transform the signal? resistor wired in parallel?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated ;)

 I am in the process of installing my Konnected system and have the same issue.  I know there are 4.7k resistors *somewhere* (probably in the walls) because the wiring diagram on the old Brinks box shows 4.7k resistors.   But I cannot physically find them anywhere.

I thought the *entire point* of Konnected is that it didn't care about these resistors.  Apparently not?

Did anyone ever find a solution to this? Support tells me the resistors have to be removed but the whole point of the resistors is to prevent tampering by stripping wires and simply shorting across them. In a properly installed system they should be at the end if every line at the sensor. Konnected really needs to make this clear before selling themselves as a replacement. I think there’s a software solution to it because my experience is that zones with 4.7k resistors randomly stick open when they are really closed and rebooting the device usually fixes it. This is very frustrating.

They should at least be upfront about this. “Reuse the wires you already have” is very misleading since it’s an industry standard to add EOL resistors.