Honeywell IS2535 Too Old?

My house is about 13 years old and I disconnected my original system and wired the Konnect board in. The three door sensors work fine but I am having issues with the two Honeywell IS2535 PIR motion sensors. Are these compatible with this system?

Inside the PIR I removed the resistor (gold/red/black/red) and one started working but it goes off randomly with no motion. The other lights up but is not triggered on the Konnect. I moved it to different wiring spots on the Konnect but still does not register motion.

Konnect sells the Honeywell IS3035. Would it be worth buying and replacing them?


app v3.1.5 / fw v3.0.0

Hi. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work, but as you mentioned, they are old. Maybe just use this as an opportunity to replace them with something like this.

I checked the installation instructions seems like a standard PIR, have you tested the supply voltage at the sensor? Do you have a multimeter to make sure that it is switching the contacts when triggered on the one that does nothing?

They should work. Doubt that they’re “too old”.
Can you post a pic of the wiring terminals inside the sensor?