Will this work with GE Wireless Sensors? (Concord 4)

I have a Concord 4 with several wireless GE sensors. The only hardwired parts are the two alarm keypads and the siren. Would konnected help me at all? Trying to expose alarm events to Habitat but I'd like to continue using the hardwired keypads.

Thank You,
- Jayson

I’d be interested what you found as I’m in the same boat (same system) … Wanting to leverage existing hardware and update it for newest technologies.

I have a GE Interlogix Concord 4 with the wireless smoke alarms (TX-6010-01-1).  First issue is the smokes are 10 years old and I'm wondering if they are even worth trying to make work with Konnected since I've read smokes should be replaced every 10 years (they were installed in 2010).  

However, I'm wondering if I hooked up a relay to the Siren connection on the Concord 4 and then coming from the relay hooked that up to another zone on the interface board (I'm also trying to keep keypads and wired door sensors). I'm thinking if any issue caused the siren to go off I could see which zone set the siren off.  If one of the wired zones is open, I'd know that set the siren off. If none of the wired zones are open, but the siren is going off, I would then assume that the smokes caused the siren to go off.

I was able to connect the siren output to a relay and set up a new zone in konnected.  Now if the siren goes off and no other zone is open I know the smokes set the siren off.  If I see another zone open, then I know that zone set off the siren. Works great.