Need help wiring my system sensor 4 wire smokes to my Konnected board

coming from my ademco honeywell 3000 board, I have a question about the power leads. on the old board they were a pin in the middle of the board while the other leads were on 18 and 19 position. has anyone else transitioned from a 3000 pro board to Konnected with smokes and temp sensors? Thanks

if it helps the smokes are system sensor 4wt-b 4 wires

I did not transition from the alarm panel you had, but the principles should be the same no mater which legacy system (when talking about 4-wire units, not 2-wire as those won’t work with Konnected).

Two of the four wires (red and black usually) are for +/- 12v power, the other two (such as yellow and green) are for the zone and ground.  I have placed a relay on the red wire, so that I can have it switch off the power feed to the smoke detectors for 4 seconds. This is because my 4-wire smoke detectors do not have a silence button, nor any built-in relay so I believe this is the only way to reset the smoke detectors (with that momentary cut of power).  Your old alarm panel may have had this reset built in for the pin connector in the middle of the board, or perhaps the model of smoke detector installed has a relay (at the last detector?) to accomplish this.

I am using Konnected Cloud, and once I connected everything I had to set the smoke detector as “inverse” or else it was always sounding the piezo alarm through the system.

My smoke detector has a built-in sounder, but I’ve also set up an automation to sound the piezoelectric alarm in the master bedroom as additional “wake up” motivation.

Please note the above answer is from somebody who is not and never has been an alarm system installer/tech.