Assistance with Wiring

I have background in Electrical Engineering so I understand wiring in general. However, I just want to make sure I get it right. I attempting conversion to a Konnected Pro. There currently are 6 break glass sensors, 2 door sensors, and 2 motions sensors. I think I understand most of it but wanted to check:

  1. How do I wire the fire alarm signal? The existing wiring is:

    • 2x normally open switch with a resistor
    • +12v
    • Fire Power Reset
  2. I believe the current wiring has sensors in series. Many of the wires are going to other wires using b-crimps instead of common. If so, can I just remove the b-crimps and move the wire to common? Am I missing anything?

Circuit Diagram:

First of all, whenever anyone mentions fire/smoke alarms, I like to point out two things:

  1. fire alarms used with Konnected can only be used for automation and non-life-safety auxiliary notification purposes (like phone notifications). You have to have other smoke alarms in the house (either hardwired or battery powered) to alert occupants of an emergency.

  2. Check the age of the fire alarms. If they’re as old as the alarm panel, they need to be replaced. Smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years.

That being said, this looks like a pretty typical 4-wire smoke alarm connection. The normally-open circuit connects to a zone on the Konnected board. Remove the resistor, as Konnected doesn’t support circuit supervision.

12V+ and Reset (12V-) can be connected to the AUX power out of the Konnected panel. If you want to be able to automate the smoke alarm reset, insert a relay on the 12V- line that makes a normally-closed circuit that opens momentarily to reset the smoke alarm power.

More about smoke, fire and CO alarms here

Thanks for the liability disclaimers and reminder that I need additional standalone smoke alarms!

For my other question, I assume the b-crimps are to wire some sensors in series? If I remove the b-crimp and connect the two signal wires, it should work?

(current controller has only 6+1 zones while the Konnected gives me 12)

That’s right, in many cases you’ll find some sensors grouped together in-series (crimped with b-connectors). It’s easy to split those apart to monitor each loop individually with Konnected for more granular monitoring and control of each individual sensor.