Potential Customer with Questions

First of all, this is an awesome idea.  I'm seriously looking into this and have some questions and pictures of my current system to help.  

System was installed in early 2013, but I've never used it.  I know that all of my smoke alarms are wired (with internal sirens) and connected together, they are Kiddie branded so I'm lead to believe that they should be compatible with Konnected, though I don't see a relay installed inside my panel and I only see a couple of wires (which makes me think this is a 2-wire install and not compatible?) 

More info about the install, it looks like I have 5 zones (not counting the smoke detector?) that includes 3 entry doors into my house and 2 motion detectors that might be helpful.

Additionally, the battery backup installed inside the unit doesn't look to be compatible with Konnected, at least not the video I watched, is there anyway to use this?

Anything else pertinent that a new user might need to know before travelling down this road would be helpful.  Appreciate any advice and answers!

So to sum it all up, please let me know...

1. Anything pertinent from looking at the pics

2. Can my smoke detectors be controlled? 

3. What do I do with the battery that looks to be incompatible?



Your system looks pretty standard. The zones will all have EOL resistor on them which change the voltage being returned to the system. You will remove these and use the wires only without resistors.

The zones can be configured how ever you want. Just make sure that if you have more than one wire pair on a zone, you need to wire them in SERIES not PARALLEL.

The smoke detectors im unsure about, But they will get power from somewhere, whether thats an internal battery, or a power supply. if you have 4 wires from the alarm panel. two will be power + and - and the other two will be a relay/switch that is closed or open depending on the state. 

I know with my motion sensors they are 4 wire. Two are power. the other two are triggered by an internal relay, and when i opened the sensor itself. I found it setup to have a pullup resistor internally. This was removed and the wires were connected to the relay directly. so its either closed or open.

The battery can be used no problem. its a 12v output. The issue you will have is the inability to charge it using the konnected boards.

I would look at something like this 


or the battery backups that are sold on this site.