Complex system?

So I was looking at connected but didn't take the plunge, then I moved into a new home (about 12 years old).  The house looks to have a much more complex system than my previous residence.  It's an oldish CPI system and looks to have about 18 zones?  I still and very interested in Konnected though and have some questions.

If I post a few pics can anyone tell me if there is anything I should be concerned about not working?  I really want to implement this as it looks like I have quite a few glass break sensors and door sensors throughout the home that I can take advantage of.  

Specifically, if I purchase the konnected panel, do I need the 18 zone system?  

What kind of battery backup should I get?

There looks to be some "wireless" components to the system as well.  Is there anyway to tell what these wireless components are?  I spotted a verizon sim in a separate panel, but it seems fairly obvious that most of this is wired in.

Can any of this be re-use?  I know that konnected doesn't support wireless, but I'm unsure what exactly is wireless here and how that verizon sim comes into play and whether or not I can use that somehow.  I'm assuming this is a means to get an outside connected should internet or power be cut.

In any case, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!