Old system with wired and some 10+ year old wireless sensors, POE, it's a mish mosh of stuff!

OK, first off this product/system looks like it could work with what I've got but I want to list out what I have so I know before I start down this path.

The house I live in came with door and window sensors, wired as well as a siren in the attic. Those all work and are wired to a panel and the controller (GE CONCORD 4) by our front door. About 10 years ago I signed up with ADT and they added a cellular piece, 3 wireless motion sensors and 6 wireless glass break sensors.

Around the house I have Google Home speakers in almost all the rooms, a number of smart switches for lights and a Chamberlain MyQ wifi garage door.

Finally, a few years ago I added 3 POE IP cameras to a Blue Iris windows server and corresponding app.


After reading a lot, I can't seem to find the answer, can I integrate the old ADT wireless stuff into Konnected utilizing the cellular stuff as well, or am I limited to JUST the wired pieces?


Can the POE cams, garage, google and smart switches be integrated along with the alarm on something like Sharp Tools on a panel?


Any thoughts?


The wireless stuff does not have a way of coming over to Konnected.  I had the same thing on my old (defunct) panel - some wireless stuff that wasn’t going to connect.  I ran wires to where the wireless stuff was located (I purchased a steel fish and drilled and then patched holes to make this work).  The other things that would not come over included a push button on lanyard (personal panic button - don’t need it) and the 2-wire smoke detectors (which I replaced with new 4-wire units).

I don’t have a keypad/ panel, nor a hub with the things you mention.  For now I’m doing everything with SmartThings.  If you have a hub which will incorporate your cams, garage, etc. then assign them separately and let Konnected do the wired alarm stuff.

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